Our diversified team of subject matter experts is at it’s toes and ready to do whatever it takes to help you score high in ICSE physics.



Farhaz Hirani


Co-Founder and chief lecturer, Farhaz Hirani is a techie with rich work experience in multinational, fortune 500  companies. Farhaz is a mechanical engineer by background, and his in-depth physics domain knowledge has helped him successfully deliver a deep understanding of the subject to hundreds of students online.


Mrs K Hirani


With over 15 years of teaching experience in ICSE Physics and Chemistry, Mrs Hirani has helped hundreds of students excel in ICSE. Harnessing her vast experience in live coaching classes with practices in paper solving and mock questions, Mrs Hirani is primarily responsible for content creation in ICSE Physics and delivering what matters the most in ICSE exams. She conducts live ICSE physics and chemistry coaching classes in Pune.


Ms Rita Jaisinghani

With vast teaching experience spanning over 11 years,

Ms Rita brings in her subject knowledge and expertise to textbook solutions and practice question paper solving based on preliminary exam papers from various schools across India.

She is an expert tutor in the subjects of physics and mathematics.



Mrs Eswari Sriram

Mrs Eswari is a B.E. in Computer Science Engineering and has work experience as a lecturer in STET College of Education for Women.

As a creative engineer, she has been responsible for technical content creation and writing.