ICSE or Indian School Certificate Examination is by far the first big exam that a student has to appear in his or her life. In India, a lot of hype is created regarding this exam. In most of the vases, it has been observed that it is not the students who are concerned about the exam. Rather it is the parents who spend sleepless nights searching for tips and ways to excel in the exam. Out of the 6 subjects in which students studying under the ICSE board across the country are required to appear in the ICSE exam, Mathematics or Maths is perhaps the most feared subject.

Most of the students fear the subject Maths and remain clueless on how to score good marks in it. The first thing that all the candidates need to keep in mind is that preparation for the Mathematics examination in ICSE should ideally begin at least 10 months before the exam. This would enable the students to practice each and every chapter very thoroughly. There are a few points that each students appearing for ICSE Maths examination needs to keep in mind. They are as follows:

  • ICSE maths question paper: Before starting off the preparation for the Maths exam, the students should keep in mind that in ICSE, Maths question paper has a fixed pattern. The questions are according to the syllabus. The ICSE maths question paper is divided into sections. The first section consists of short answer type questions.
  • Maths ICSE class 10 sample papers: The best way to prepare for Maths exam is to follow the maths icse class 10 sample papers. These sample papers are prepared according to the latest syllabus and they also follow the question pattern used by the board. There are primarily two types of sample papers available in the market. The first type is where the sample papers come with solutions while in the second type, the sample papers are unsolved. However, most publishers prepare sample papers of both the types. All the students should begin with solving sample papers with icse class 10 maths solutions. Once they are done with solving the icse maths sample papers for class 10 along with icse class 10 maths solutions, they would gain the much-needed confidence required to proceed to the next level of solving the unsolved sample papers without icse class 10 maths solutions.

Solving sample papers are helpful in more than one ways. When you solve the questions, you are able to revise your chapters very well. By solving the sample papers you would also be able to time yourself thereby improving your time management. This also helps you to get acquainted to a variety of question patterns and types. The more you practice, the better you become. However, it must be noted that you must attempt solving the sample papers only after you finish solving the mathematical problems of your textbook. Sample papers also help you in finding your own faults and weak areas which you can revise again.