Do I get any online support for my queries once I purchase the course?
Yes. We provide online support for all your doubts and queries RELATED TO THE MATERIAL PROVIDED BY US. For any queries related to this material, you can drop a mail to with your complete query and reference to the material containing chapter number, lecture/page number and question number, and one of our experts will reply shortly.

What are the different methods of payment?
You can pay either by
1. Debit/Credit Card (only VISA and MasterCard)*
2. Net-Banking (only for Indian Students)
For how much duration is my subscription valid?
All our courses are valid for 12 months (or 1 year) from the date of purchase.
On which version of computer/OS platform and browser is the course supported?
The course is supported on all the following Windows versions:
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Windows XP
Windows Vista
It also works on MAC OS
The following browser versions are supported:
Firefox: Min 25.0
Chrome: Min 30.0
IE 10, IE 11 and
Do I get Practice Question papers with the course? How good are these?
Yes, you do get a set of 8 full length practice question papers. Each of these papers is based on preliminary exams from schools across India. Each of these 8 practice papers need to be solved ONLINE, UNDER TIMED CONDITIONS. 6 of these papers are to be taken for self-evaluation. Detailed solutions to the question papers will be available for self-evaluation and practice once the papers have been solved only on completing the desired time. 2 of the remaining question papers will be evaluated by our expert panel of teachers. Students need to scan and mail answer sheets to Question Papers 7 and 8 ONLY at Fully marked answer sheets (marks out of 80) will then be provided to students in a span of 1 week on mail along with chapter wise analysis for self-improvement so you can gauge your performance.
I have bought the course, can I upgrade my course now?
Unfortunately, there is no way of upgrading the course to the complete package in case you have bought the customized course. It is thus, highly recommended to plan in advance the course you wish to buy and only then purchase.
Do you offer any score improvement guarantees with your courses?
The final score of the student is a product of combined efforts of best quality study material and highly sincere efforts by the student. We have played our part of providing the best quality study material with full length question papers for extensive practice under strict, timed conditions. However, only sincere efforts by the students will help enable them improve their scores. Hence, we DO NOT provide any score improvement guarantees with the courses.
Can I view the content multiple times?
Yes. You have complete access to all the ICSE concept builder sessions of the conducted live classroom sessions once you purchase the course. Hence, you can view the concept builder sessions and all the corresponding notes multiple times throughout your course validity (1 year).
Do you provide any books or hard copy of the study materials?
We do not provide any books or hard copies of the study materials for any of our courses. All the content that we provide is on an online platform. All you need is a computer and a decent internet connection. Think of it as a course that is far more effective and comprehensive than the best book out there and that allows you to get your doubts addressed by the course creators themselves.
Which course do you recommend me to take?
It is highly recommended to take the complete package as we provide evaluation support along with 8 full length question papers for extensive practice. We have more than 40 hours of full length concept builder sessions available to you right on a platter.
Will you provide me a study plan? Do you provide any strategy guidance?
Yes we do provide comprehensive study plans with all our courses. The study plan explains how to use our course (concept builder videos, textbook solutions, ICSE questions, practice papers etc) in an integrated fashion for preparation for all chapters. The plan is available for free download as a PDF on our website here.
Do you provide live classroom coaching?
Yes, we do provide classroom coaching. Classes take place at Fortaleza, Kalyani Nagar, Pune-411014. Click for Google Map.