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Add quality to your study with these CONCEPT-BUILDER LECTURES
One of the most important topics in ICSE tested year after year, questions based on the metre rule are a...
Here is a comparative table of formulae for pulleys that absolutely no other book or class will provide. Learn and...
Learn how to solve problems on block and tackle system of pulleys asked in the ICSE for 4 marks!
Latest numericals based on Power of a Lens. Visualization is the key for these examples.
Most important problems on the concept of “Echo” tested time and again in ICSE.
Numerical concept tested in ICSE for 4 marks.
Concept-builder numerical understanding for the chapter on Calorimetry. One of the most important concepts tested in ICSE and beyond.
Welcome to ICSE 90+ Physics Highest success rate in ICSE Physics since 15 years
The best and topmost ICSE Science Coaching Institute in Pune, India. With 15+ years of coaching experience, we proudly boast of being the ONLY online ICSE coaching institute dedicated to complete preparation in ICSE Physics. Our success is primarily based on word of mouth marketing by experienced students who know that our high content quality has genuinely helped them. Watch their testimonials here.
All Numericals Explained from Scratch
Our collection of more than 150 handpicked concept builder examples based on various school preliminary exams are specially designed to boost your scores. These examples are explained from scratch with shortcuts, tips and tricks applied to ICSE examples.
Highest Quality Content
A huge collection of a large number of handpicked questions along with detailed explanation- a fundamental treasure to prepare and gain mastery for ICSE PHYSICS boards.

Keyword Approach
Our unique keyword approach will help you understand and classify the question types to break it down to a simpler form. With this approach, learn to quickly identify important keywords in numerical questions to understand the question type so that NO QUESTION TYPE IS UNSEEN IN ICSE EXAM.
School based Preliminary practice questions
8 full length, solid, school based practice papers to be solved ONLINE, UNDER STRICT TIMED CONDITIONS. Detailed solutions to the question papers available for self-evaluation and practice. 2 of these question papers will be evaluated by our expert panel of teachers
Learn Proper Time Allocation
Learn how to allocate appropriate time to each question while in actual ICSE exam. Don’t spend too long attempting any one question, a common mistake made by most students.
Self Paced Study
Video lectures you can study & prepare for exam completely at your convenience and pace. Play, pause, rewind & replay online videos and learn new methodologies to solve ICSE questions quickly.
Basic to advanced Concepts
Not just students, but even part time and full time teachers refer our material for teaching ICSE physics.
Repetitive Learning
By the time you have finished the study plan, you would have already seen the important set of ICSE board questions TWICE for each chapter. An average student studies these chapters at the end of the year.
No Talk, All Action
We build core concepts tested time and again in ICSE PHYSICS. SIGNIFICANT increase in your knowledge of the subject and level of self-confidence right from the first lecture.
Premium course provider
UNPARALLELED concept builder coaching quality coupled with years of immense teaching experience.
40 Over 40 hours of live in-depth classroom recording
200 200 full length numericals explained thoroughly
8 8 full length online practice question paper based on school preliminary exams
12 12 months course validity
Our high scoring Physics methods, with ICSE Preparation Tips & Test
  • Basic to advanced Concept Builder Sessions

    Personalized Concept-Builder sessions with over 40 hours of in-depth session recordings.

  • School Preliminary Question Papers with Evaluation

    8 full length online practice question papers based on SCHOOL PRELIMINARY EXAMS to be solved online UNDER STRICT, TIMED CONDITIONS.

  • Last years ICSE question solutions

    Chapter wise collection of last years ICSE question papers with complete solutions

  • In depth numerical explanation

    > 200 Full length numericals deeply scrutinized and explained thoroughly FROM SCRATCH

  • ICSE marking scheme fully explained.

    Learn how ICSE theory and numerical questions are marked and answer questions accordingly.

  • Expert Textbook solutions

    High quality solutions to the textbook questions for ready reference immediately after each recording.


    It is very important to solve practice preliminary question papers based on ICSE schools preliminary exams.This is a major difference between a 90+ Percenter and an average student. To ensure our students are well prepared for the physics board exams, we have a collection of ample such precious question papers that test your skills and are favourites for the boards. Question paper evaluation and detailed analysis by our expert panel of teachers will further in turn ensure that you do not find anything new in the actual exam. Remember, physics is a crucial part of ICSE science, without which, one cannot achieve a high score in ICSE science.